Safety Tips

Follow these strong recommendations to have positive interactions with the MD4U community and keep your person and identity as safe as possible and remain eligible to use our services.

  1. Be kind, respectful, and honest. Harassment, harm, discrimination and rudeness; copyright infringement, nudity/sexual content, violence, or hate imagery; prostitution, solicitation, trafficking, or illegal activity; and scamming, multiple accounts, or being a minor could potentially violate MD4U’s terms of use.
  2. Protect your personal information; don’t share it in your profile or private messages.
  3. Do not send money or share your financial information.
  4. Be skeptical of long-distance relationships, especially if the other person is reluctant to meet via video, phone or in person or asks for money
  5. Stay on MD4U services; be suspicious of those who try to move the conversation to SMS or messaging apps right away.
  6. Please report any suspicious or violating behavior, such as underaged users, requests for money, harassment, inappropriate or harmful behavior after an in-person meeting, fake profiles, and solicitation or spam. Send us an email at
  7. Before you meet any other members of MD4U in person, take your time to learn as much about them and look for any red flags. When you meet up, do so in a public place and tell family and/or friends about your plans. Take your own transportation there and back so you can leave whenever you want to and know your limits when it comes to drugs and alcohol. It’s okay to leave if you feel uncomfortable.
  8. In terms of sexual health and consent, make sure to use protection like condoms and know your status and the status of others when it comes to STIs. Communicate with your partner about sexual health before being physically intimate, and any sexual activity should involve the active and ongoing consent of both partners.