Terms and Conditions


By accessing Muslim Date 4 You’s services, you agree to be bound to these terms and conditions, including our privacy policy, cookie policy, and safety tips. Please read these terms of use before creating an account. We may update this policy at anytime, and you’re responsible for checking this page for any changes.

Muslim Date 4 You is operated by Muslim Date 4 You Inc. in Toronto, Canada for users worldwide. In this policy, Muslim Date 4 You shall be referred to as MD4U, and together, you and MD4U shall be referred to as the Parties. Your continuous use of our services implies your continuous consent to these terms and conditions, and if you do not accept any changes to this policy, you should cease use of our services immediately.

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Eligible Users & Their Responsibilities

  1. You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. You’re legally qualified to enter into a binding agreement with MD4U.
  3. You are not prohibited by law from using our services or engaging in business with Canada.
  4. You have not committed or been convicted of any indictable offense, crimes involving violence or the threat of violence, or sex crime unless it has been determined that you are not likely to pose a threat by an official legal body. MD4U is not obligated to perform criminal background checks on its users, but MD4U reserves the right to perform criminal checks or other screenings at any time.
  5. You are not a registered sex offender.
  6. You do not have more than one account with MD4U.
  7. You did not have an account that was previously suspended or removed by MD4U, unless MD4U has expressly said you can create a new account.

If you fail to meet any of these requirements at any time, you are no longer authorized to use our services and you should delete your account immediately.

You agree to:

  1. Act in accordance with these terms and conditions
  2. Follow all applicable laws, including privacy laws, anti-spam laws, intellectual property laws, etc.
  3. Treat other members with respect on and off of our website
  4. Communicate respectfully with our customer service representatives
  5. Review and follow our Safety Tips
  6. Choose a strong password and take action to protect your login credentials

You agree that you will not:

  1. Misrepresent your age, identity, background, qualifications, current or past positions, or affiliations with other persons or entities
  2. Use another user’s account
  3. Transfer your account to another user
  4. Use our services in a way that negatively impacts MD4U or prevents other users from using our services, servers, or networks
  5. Use our services for any illegal, harmful or unsavory purpose, including, but not limited to, financial crimes or fraud.
  6. Bully, demean, harass, intimidate, stalk, harm or in general mistreat other users
  7. upload, post and share content that’s prohibited
  8. Try to get the passwords, personal information, or otherwise private or proprietary information of other users and/or it disseminate it for commercial or illegal purposes
  9. Try to get money or other valuable items from users by asking for a loan, compensation, gift or similar excuse
  10. Copy, alter, disseminate, create any versions of, sublicense, translate, reverse engineer, disassemble or sell content from other users and MD4U or any intellectual property like copyrighted or trademarked images and names with MD4U’s prior consent Canada’s copyright law
  11. Make claims that any statements you share are endorsed by MD4U
  12. Use any technological method or process to obtain MD4U content or data mine our services
  13. Use viruses or other malicious code to circumvent the security of our services or try to probe, test or challenge the vulnerability of MD4U’s website or systems
  14. Use forgery or other fraudulent methods to hide the origin of any information transmitted to or through our Services
  15. Encourage or agree to engage in any activities that violate these terms and conditions

The authorization to use MD4U’s services is immediately revoked if you’re found to break any of the above agreements.

You agree not to upload and share the following prohibited content that:

  1. Is likely to be deemed violent, obscene, pornographic, discriminatory, abusive, threatening, defamatory, untrue or otherwise offensive to human dignity
  2. Promotes or allows illegal activities such as, but not limited to, racism, terrorism, etc.
  3. For commercial purposes, such as, but not limited to, advertising, solicitation for services, “sugar daddy/mommy” relationships, links to external websites, etc.
  4. Involves spamming or junk mail; any type of malware, spyware, adware; viruses; or disruptive code developed to interfere with any computers, programs, communication systems, networks, servers or other equipment
  5. Infringes upon any third party’s rights
  6. Was not written or created by you or was generated automatically, unless expressly authorized by MD4U
  7. Uses the image or its likeness of another person without that person’s consent; of a minor; or in the context of a minor, uses the image of their parent or guardian
  8. Is unrelated to the purpose of MD4U’s services
  9. May cause harm to MD4U’s reputation

Posting and sharing the abovementioned content violates the terms and conditions of use and thus may lead to the immediate suspension or termination of your account and we are not obligated to give you prior notice.


You alone are responsible for what you upload and share, and you agree not to hold MD4U liable from any claims related to your content.

You warrant to us that the content you provide to us or other users is accurate and that you will update it to maintain its accuracy.

The only content you include in your profile should be relevant to the services MD4U provides, and you should not include any personal or business contact information or banking information, whether yours or someone else’s. If you do, you do so at your own risk.

Be sure whatever information you are sharing is information you’re comfortable with sharing with a worldwide audience, and understand that despite these terms and conditions, other users may share your content with third-parties.

You agree that we continuously monitor content and we have a right edit, limit, block or delete any of your content at any time. You understand that we have no obligation to display or review your content.

You do not have the right to use the content of other MD4U members for any other purpose besides the services provided on our website, and MD4U reserves the right to terminate your account if you misue other users’ content.

All the text, images, graphics, logos, trademarks and any other content displayed on MD4U website is owned and controlled by us, and we grant you limited access to that content while you use our services.

Reporting Misconduct

We are committed to maintaining a positive and respectful online community on MD4U website, and therefore if you witness other users violating these terms and conditions, we encourage you to report such incidents to us at support@muslimdate4you.com. To ensure the safety and privacy of all our users, we may have to share data with third-parties, but also we might not share information about your account with you if it could affect the safety and privacy of other members. Ultimately, though, MD4U is not responsible for the conduct of its users, though we will strive to address any reports of misconduct appropriately.

Rights Users Grant MD4U

By accessing our services, you grant MD4U the perpetual, royalty-free right to display, reproduce, modify, translate, distribute, incorporate into other works like ads or share on other platforms the content you’ve uploaded onto our website, including for marketing purposes. Our right to your content is non-exclusive, but we have exclusive rights to the works we create derived from your content. You grant us the right to protect your content from third-parties outside of our services if they attempt to illegitimately and unjustifiably take and use your content without our express authorization. Also, you agree that MD4U can access, save and share your content if we are required to do so by law, to enforce these terms and conditions, to respond to third-party claims of infringement on their rights, to respond to your customer service requests and to protect the safety and privacy of our members, MD4U, and any other person or entity.


Making a purchase means you agree to the price displayed and allow MD4U to charge the payment method you choose, meaning you give us permission to access your credit card information, like expiration dates. If you pay for a subscription, you will automatically be charged each time the subscription renews until you cancel. When you cancel a subscription, you can continue to use the services paid for until the end of the subscription period. Canceling a subscription, though, does not remove or delete your account, which is your responsibility.

We reserve the right to offer different prices for promotions or for users in certain areas or of certain genders or in whatever way we see fit as a business.


All purchases are final, nonrefundable and not exchangeable for credits, unless this conflicts with local, national or regional laws.

Terminating Your Account

You can deactivate or delete your profile and account at any time by going to My Account > Privacy in the user menu. Once your account is terminated by you, or MD4U for violations of these terms and conditions, this policy remains in force and between you and MD4U and you are not entitled to any refunds. Your information and will be eventually deleted after 60 days.


With regards to its services, MD4U does not guarantee at all any level of satisfaction; any adequacy for a particular purpose; an absence or lack of interruptions; an absence or lack of errors; any level of security; the accuracy or appropriateness of the content; the number of active users; its users’ proper conduct; its users’ desire to communicate or meet with others; and its users’ willingness to enter into a relationship with others. MD4U assumes no responsibility for any content, conduct, identity, or intentions of its users. MD4U is also not responsible for any damage to your computer, hardware, software including but not limited to security breaches, fraud, network failure, etc. In addition, MD4U does not make any guarantees about and cannot be held liable for the products and services related to advertising posted on its website that may be offered by third-parties or other users. In conclusion, MD4U is not liable and you agree to hold MD4U blameless for any losses, damages, expenses, or dissatisfaction related to your use of our services.

Dispute Resolution

If you’re not satisfied with our services, please contact our customer service via support@muslimdate4you.com, so we can try to resolve the issue without outside parties. Contacting customer service is a required first step before pursuing a formal Dispute.

If you move to a formal Dispute with MD4U or if MD4U moves to a Dispute with you, either party is required to send an official Notice outlining the issue containing your signature to support@muslimdate4you.com. Your Notice must include your full name; full address; email address; phone number; a photo of government identification; information identifying your MD4U account; the details of your complaint; and the relief that you are seeking. You agree to negotiate in good faith via a teleconference or videoconference, and if the Dispute is not resolved within 60 days of the Notice, then initiating party can move to binding individual arbitration. The Dispute process must be attempted before arbitration.

Binding individual arbitration will be governed by the laws of Ontario, Canada’s Arbitration Act, 1991, though other laws or policies may apply depending on the jurisdictions involved. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you waive the right to a jury trial or class action suit against MD4U and are only permitted to seek relief as an individual party in front of an arbitrator. To initiate an arbitration, you or MD4U must mail a Notice to Request to Arbitrate to the recipient’s address, or email address if a physical one cannot be found, and this Notice must contain essentially the same information as the Dispute Notice described above.

Safety Tips

Please review our safety tips to have the most positive experience with MD4U’s services.